Climate Change Could Negatively Affect Babies Health


Climate change could negatively affect babies health. A new study suggests that climate change don’t just affect a pregnant woman, but can hurt her baby’s heart. Scientists claim that it could become major problems in upcoming years.

A new study, recently published in Journal of the American Heart Association, suggests that a more number of babies will probably be born with heart defects in the United States. The Northeast and the South as well as the Midwest could see greatest increase.

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The study shows that the United States, congenital heart defects could affect as many as 7,000 people over an 11-year period. Its still unclear why efffect of climate change on a pregnant woman leads to congenital heart defect in her baby. However, animal-based studies found that heat kills cell in fetuses and interact with heat-sensitive proteins.

The previous study has found that a pregenant woman ’s exposure to high temperatures was associated to a ncreased risk of congenital heart defect in her baby.

However, the researchers provided the latest findings on the basis of climate change projections made by NASA as well as the Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

“Although this study is preliminary, it would be prudent for women in the early weeks of pregnancy to avoid heat extremes similar to the advice given to persons with cardiovascular and pulmonary disease during heart spells,”said Dr. Shao Lin, an associate director of environmental health services with the University at Albany, State University of New York, and senior author of the new study.