Electric car becomes affection center for Americans


Electric car becomes affection center for Americans in recent days. This can be good news for the Tesla Company as it is developing market of its first electric car, the Model 3.


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58% of people said it was a concern of electricity that would prevent them from buying an electric car, marking a decline from 68% in 2017. “Range anxiety is less of a concern than it has been in the past,” said Greg Brannon, director of automotive engineering for AAA.

“People who own an electric vehicle have to be very aware of their range and plan their trip accordingly.” Battery powered vehicles are still a special segment of the automotive industry. About 104,000 pure electric vehicles without use of any gasoline sold in 2017.

The reason behind the affection is the vehicle’s high price. Tesla’s Model 3 starts at $35000. This price is about half the price of its two luxury models. Federal and local tax credits can help partially offset the higher sticker price of electric cars.

Increasing gas price could also makes more people to buy electric cars. The national average last week hit levels not seen since November 2014, according to consumer information app GasBuddy. The price averaged $2.81 on Monday, up 46 cents from a year ago, according to AAA.

Lower maintenance costs on electric cars, which don’t need oil changes and have fewer parts than conventional engines, are another key reason makes people to switch vehicles.

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