Infant encounter with Sudden infant death syndrome


Infant encounter with Sudden infant death syndrome that is sufficient to cause death in United States. There are a lot of conflict solution on this problem.


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According to the study of American Academy of Pediatrics, there are sudden unexpected infant deaths in older babies, but newborns are still dying too often.

“I don’t think people have recognized the risk of sudden unexpected infant death in early weeks and days of life,” said Joel Bass.

But some strongly disagree with Bass and the American Academy of Pediatrics that parents shouldn’t share a bed with their child.

Jay Gordon, a pediatrician in private practice in Los Angeles said, a healthy, full-term baby is safer co sleeping than sleeping alone.

There is universal agreement that parents who are impaired by drugs or alcohol shouldn’t  sleep with newborns.

Annie Trostel, a health education specialist at Texas Children’s Hospita said, she recommends a pacifier.

In addition to not using a pacifier, other risk factors for  Sudden infant death syndrome include exposure to cigarettes or tobacco, she said.

Other risk factor are overheating, premature or low birth-weight, and lack of breastfeeding, Trostel said.

The baby should be put to sleep in a crib with nothing else in it and should not sleep with parents, Annie Trostel said.

Monique Satpute, a neonatologist at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, a nonprofit children’s hospital in Baltimore, supports breastfeeding.

She also supports to plenty of skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby. But she is strongly opposed to co-sleeping, which she says poses a significant risk to babies.

“We definitely don’t recommend it here in the hospital,” Satpute said. “Put the baby in a safe place to sleep, and you get your own rest as well.”