Johnson & Johnson Declared the First Efficacy Research on HIV-1 Preventive Vaccine


The World AIDS Day 2017 is the event of raising awareness , so the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have associated the forces with Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to promote a powerful ‘global vaccine’, which can keep a wide range of viral strains sat bay that is responsible to the world’s HIV pandemic.

The research arm of J&J, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies with its collaborators initiated the first efficacy research for an examinable mosaic HIV-1 preventive vaccine. The chief scientific officer at Johnson & Johnson, Paul Stoffels wrote in statement that advancing a vaccine to fight against HIV is highest priority for the Janssen Pharmaceuticals and the great hopes for the world being without AIDS.

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Stoffels noted that, “Working together, our ultimate goal is to support efforts to make HIV history.”

Stoffels also wrote that discovering an effective HIV vaccine to prevent people from the risk is the major scientific challenge since a long period of time. Still, he thinks there is a new hope that the target is now within a reach. Therefore, Johnson & Johnson has associated with the global health advocates and leading HIV researchers to help develop an investigational vaccine.

Maria Pau, a senior director for compound development, who led the research team for for HIV Vaccines at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Company said that, “We have consulted extensively with local stakeholders, including HIV experts, clinical investigators, and community leaders, to overcome the problem.”

Pau added that, “To assist with the recruitment effort, we chose the name ‘Imbokodo’ for the study. Imbokodo is the Zulu word for ‘rock’ which is part of a well-known proverb in South Africa that refers to the strength of women and their importance in the community. The name was chosen as a result of our stakeholder consultations and embodies our commitment to engage with local communities in a positive and meaningful way.”