Manufacturer Renewable Energy Accused of Providing Improper Protection to Workers and Firing Them Due to Illness


As an answer to the whip of the Big Bad Coal, the renewable energy has been often appreciated. The combat is assigned as the rescuer of distress in human for the change in climate versus grimy source of the archaic energy, which will take human to the global apocalypse.

The industry of fossil fuels is loaded with the script goes, mucky players and wind, while the solar world is made full of employers taking care of their workmen.

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The Des Moines Register, Des Moines’s daily newspaper has alleged in its new investigation released in this week, turning that story on its head. TPI Composites, the largest independent wind-turbine blades manufacturer in US, contributing the global manufacturers wind turbine industry, is charged for exposing its workers to poisonous chemicals regardless of proper safety measures.

The company is accused of allowing employees to get in protectionless contact with toxic chemicals and then dismissing them for being sick due to those chemicals. TPI Composites has been debating with each of the allegations and said that the six lawsuits from its former employees are ‘without merit’.

Mary Finn, an industrial-hygiene expert of West Des Moines hired by attorney of Green, wrote in the report of risk-assessment that, “systematic practice of hiring healthy employees and then terminating them from employment after their employees sustained a chemical injury. Ms. Green was not afforded personal protective equipment and clothing that provided sufficient protection from excessive exposure to chemical substances.”

However, TPI Composites declined the claims by Green in the court filings by saying that, “the TPI Iowa could not safely accommodate Green’s allergy because epoxy resin is prevalent throughout the TPI facility and thus her employment at TPI Iowa could not continue.”

The deputy commissioner of workers-compensation of Iowa, ordered TPI to pay $11,100 to Green and additional $72,375 cited for permanent partial- disability, after hearing all the arguments from Green and TPI.