New Silicon Valley Trend Brings Fasting Chemical Drink to Help Burning Fats


Silicon Valley introduces its latest trend which consists of a drink diet engineered with chemicals that helps body to obtain the fasting benefits to burn fats without cutting back on their regular meals.

HVMN, a startup company intended for ‘human enhancement’ in San Francisco, California, which aims to manufacture and sell nootropics products and ketone ester drink, has recently articulated that it is going to market its product by next year in Britain.

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HVMN Ketone Ester is the latest drink announced by the company that produces the equal results in the body during the period of fasting, the process known as ketosis, while at the same time it allows people to eat whatever they want.

Earlier this year, the first similar type of this product was launched by the company in the United States, which costs $33 (i.e. £25) for a 65 ml bottle.

Geoff Woo, the CEO and co-founder of HVMN told that he expects to export the product by this year, after getting success in the United States.

Moreover, the latest ketone drink acts as a replicator of the ketosis’s chemical process that helps body burn its own fats for producing fuel, which generally obtained by fasting.

Geoff Woo explains the taste of this chemical drink as, “a combination of liquor shot with nail polish remover.”

However, Mr. Woo convinced that fasting as well as ketones will become a routine lifestyle standard in coming years. He also fasts for minimum 18 hours in a day with the viewpoint that doing the same is linked to better metabolic health, higher longevity, focus and mental clarity.

Woo added to the statement that, “If you look at the Google trends for specific words, like fasting and ketones, they have been growing exponentially.”