Renewable Energy For The Grid


Renewable energy for the grid. MIT engineers have devised an impalpable design for a system to contain renewable energy, such as solar and wind power and distribute that energy back into an electric grid on call. The system may benefit a miniature city not only when it is sunny or wind is high but twenty four seven.

The contemporary model reserves heat engendered by surfeit electricity from solar or wind power in enormous tanks of white-hot molten silicon, and then transforms the light from the radiating metal back into electricity when it is required. The researchers appraise that such a system would be greatly more modest than lithium-ion batteries which have been suggested as a viable though costly technique to store renewable energy. They also reckon that the system would cost about half the quantity as pumped hydroelectric storage, the most cost effective form of grid-scale energy storage up till now.

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Asegun Henry, the Robert N. Noyce Career Development Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering said that even if they wanted to operate grid on renewables right now it’s not possible as you may require fossil-fueled turbines to amend for the fact that renewable supply cannot be discharged on demand. They are in the process of evolving a new technology that if lucrative would resolve the most salient and condemnatory problem in energy and climate change the depository problem.

The contemporary storage system emanates from a project in which researchers searched for avenues to raise the productivity of a form of a renewable energy known as concentrated solar power.