Stephen Hawking leading theoretical physicist


Stephen Hawking leading theoretical physicist, has died at age 76. His family announced his death via statement early Wednesday. Professor Hawking had a motor neuron disease that has left him completely paralyzed.


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Hawking was restricted to a wheelchair by a form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He was suffered with a neurological disease that handcuffs movement. He communicated via a speech synthesizer. However cause of death was not immediately available.

Stephen Hawking was best known as the author of “A Brief History of Time.” His comments on black holes and other physics phenomena were regularly acclaimed in newspapers.

His book “The Grand Design” attracted readers, with its claim that cosmology showed God was unnecessary to the creation of the universe.

British Scientist Stephen Hawking, a celebrated theoretical physicist and cosmologist is the author of “A Brief History of Time” and his black hole thermal radiation discovery in 1974. It considers to be one of the most important physics results of the past century.

However, Hawking’s popularity rested on genuine achievement, remarkable decisive steps in understanding black holes and the origin of the universe.

Physics accepts the concept of emission of heat from black holes as a fundamental, unexpected. This solved a puzzle of how these imploded stars could exist. He showed that black holes served as cosmic laboratories.

This sorts out Einstein’s theory of gravity with the “quantum” theories of electromagnetic and nuclear forces. Despite his physical illness, he was well known for his intelligence.