Stockholm Researchers Mapped Out the Unusual Water Fluctuations


The Stockholm University researchers have just mapped out the fluctuation of water for its two different phases when it gets cooled with the help of x ray lasers. The fluctuations at -44°C meet the maximum pointing to the certainty that water have an ability to exist in two different unique liquids. The journal Science will disclose the findings.

Both, common as well as necessary water for lives on the earth acts very strangely if compared with other substances. Specific heat, density, compressibility and viscosity of water while responding to changes in temperature and pressure is completely different from all other known liquids.

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It is the most common thing about which all are aware that entire matter shrinks after getting cooled and eventually resulting in an increased density. Therefore people expect that water may have high density at freezing point.

Moreover, if observed a glass of iced water, all the things appear upside down, while we suppose that water surrounded by ice at 0°C should lie at the bottom of the glass, but all obviously know that ice cubes always float in the glass.

Again a weirder thing about the liquid state is that water goes in the densest state at4 degrees C and hence it goes down whether in an ocean or in a glass.

Professor Anders Nilsson from the Chemical Physics at Stockholm University said that, “What was special was that we were able to X-ray unimaginably fast before the ice froze and could observe how it fluctuated between the two states. For decades there have been speculations and different theories to explain these remarkable properties and why they got stronger when water becomes colder. Now we have found such a maximum, which means that there should also be a critical point at higher pressures.”