Targeting resolvins could be the solution To Stop Tumors Growth


Cancer is clearly the most deadly disease in the developed world which is so hard to beat.  A new research has shown that Cancer therapy can sometimes, paradoxically help the cancer cells to spread. Scientists have been trying to find a treatment for cancer, but according to the researchers, their treatment is encouraging the cancer cells to spread.

In a new study, researchers found that treatment kills off some cancer cells, but the remaining cells can mislead our immune system into helping tumors to form. But now, researchers have discovered a new way that will beat this brutal circle. They found that it would be possible to fix this “tumor growth paradox” by targeting resolvins.  Ongoing cancer research for all types of cancer could get affected due to this new discovery.

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The condition occurs because the cellular debris that is left behind can lead to an inflammatory response from our immune system, according to a research from the Institute of Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle, Washington. The inflammation can encourage the production of more cancer cells.

Lead researcher Dr. Sui Huang explains that researchers need to find out the best and fastest way to kill cancer cells.

As a part of the finding, researchers performed a test using mouse models. They found that when mice carried debris-induced tumors that were treated with resolvins, it effectively blocked mouse tumors’ growth that chemotherapy failed to restrain. The treatment can be combined with chemotherapy which has shown effective impact in animal tumors treated with standard drugs.

The researchers concluded, “These results demonstrate that enhancing endogenous clearance of tumor cell debris is a new therapeutic target that may complement cytotoxic cancer therapies.”

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