Texas teen made poison ricin


Texas teen made poison ricin from online supplies. A Texas man has admitted to possessing the poison ricin at his home in Athens, officials announced.


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Abel Keith Fulton, 19, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of ricin. It is a poison naturally found in castor beans, federal officials said.

Federal officials said that Fulton reportedly had ricin in his home from August to September 2016. He had made the ricin using supplies he bought online. He faces up to 10 years in federal prison. A sentencing hearing has not been scheduled.

Federal agents searched the home in September 2016 after Fulton’s parents informed officials. They told them that he was attempting to make a hazardous chemical agent.

“I don’t accept his wrong behavior or what he did,” father Richard Fulton told the station. “It was wrong and foolish. I hope it’s just the case of a curious kid doing a dumb thing.”

Ricin is part of the waste produced. It comes as a waste when castor oil is made. It can be fatal if ingested, inhaled or injected. No antidote exists for poisoning from the biological toxin, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In 2014, Texas actress Shannon Guess Richardson was sentenced to 18 years in prison after she admitted to sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.