Uber includes a six-hour offline break feature


Uber includes a six-hour offline break feature, whenever a driver on its platform reaches 12 hours of driving time. Uber has placed similar feature in places around the U.S. but only differs in local regulations.


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Uber rolls out this decision to the problem of drowsy driving and driver’s tiredness.

The Uber feature activates when a driver has driven 12 hours without taking a continual, six-hour break at any point between.

Drivers will have full visibility into how much driving they have done according to Uber. Time measures on the basis of number of factors. It doesn’t count time spent waiting in an airport parking for pickup.

Uber’s Head of Safety Product Sachin Kansal explained that the company relied on its sufficient experience with drivers and working with road safety organizations in determining what does and doesn’t count towards a user’s total driving time.

Uber has studied the feature where implemented in other markets and launched this feature in U.S. with a lot of feedback in mind.

The Uber Driving app will provide notifications to the driver when they are reaching 12 hour limit. When the six-hour break is over, the app will once again unlock itself for bookings.

Also, where different rules are required by local law, those will apply instead of this new cross U.S. limit.

Uber says it also plans to evaluate continued international roll out on an ongoing basis and to expect this change to be introduced gradually across the driver app in the U.S. one the next few weeks.