Wacker Chemical Corporation Expected to Have Expansion Projects for Development in Silicon Product


Wacker Chemical Corporation is a part of Wacker Chemie AG, which is the global chemical group, is looking for plenty projects of concurrent extension in order to contribute to the regional demands and growth for the silicones as well as HDK pyrogenic silica.

To align with the overall expansion strategy of Wacker Chemical, the multi-millionaire U.S. Dollars investments from North America with nearby Charleston have stepped forward to support advancement of capacity in Asia and Europe.

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Vice President of Division Silicones and CEO of the Wacker Chemical Corporation President, Dr. Ian Moore said that, “Wacker is a leading silicone solutions provider, offering customers a reliable supply of materials, consistent quality, technical and customer support services and innovative technology. Wacker’s expansion strategy is designed to support continued growth in demand for silicone products, further increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate product development.”

Dr. Moore, who holds an experience of 30 years in commercial and global operations of the silicon industry and joined the company in July 2017, explained that the increased silicon demands are seen over the entire market segments along with a stronger growth receiving from the transportation, automotive, personal care and health care industries.

Moreover, for additional capacity expansion, fluids, silicone elastomers, HDK pyrogenic silica and emulsions demands necessitates that Wacker Chemical also hires significant resources for supporting the consumers’ requirements in their business growth.

Moore added that, “Wacker’s current investment strategy in infrastructure and capacity expansion in the America’s region will involve several coordinated projects. Already looking at this past summer, we opened the Silicones R&D Center located in Ann Arbor, Mich.”

Silicone products hold virtually unlimited potentials with extremely unique properties that are matchless with any other polymer, said Dr. Moore. To highlight this, he said the company is already introducing an inventive technology that offers the world’s first service for 3D printed parts of silicone.