Woman Reported Bath Bombs Caused Chemical Burns to Her Daughter


A woman posted a warning message along with some pictures on her Facebook profile against the kids’ product, bath bomb saying that her daughter suffered chemical burns due to using water with the bath bombs for nearly 45 seconds.

The post by sufferer is being widely spread through all over the concerned parents, while the issue is still not confirmed and came up with any strong evidence against bath bombs.

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Official website of FDA that monitors all the regulations related to the color additives in various products, posted that FD&C Blue No 1, D&C Red No. 33 and FD&C Yellow No.5 have been approved for being used. The ingredients list of Hatchimal Bath Bomb product consists of these color additives.

Moreover, the pictures were sent to board certified dermatologists, Dr. Adam Friedman, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at the George Washington University and Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, the director of Capital Laser and Skin Care, Washington. Both the dermatologists said that the chances are very less that the case is about chemical burns due to bath bombs.

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi said in a statement that, “A chemical burn is a severe and fast destruction of skin usually caused by strong acids or bases, like hydrochloride acid. It destroys tissue on contact…that “chemical burn” is more of an irritant dermatitis and yes it can happen to people who are particularly sensitive to dyes or fragrance.”

Rather the two dermatologists said that the case appears like the kid caught an allergic side effect due to being exposed to an ingredient, the ‘irritant dermatitis’.

Dr. Adam Friedman said that, “If you have a known allergy to certain ingredients or cosmetics whether it be fragrances, dyes, or even essential oils it’s also important to know what’s actually in that bath bomb. Overall bath bombs are very safe and were intended for sensitive skin; however it’s important to look at the ingredients before using.”